Interact with Samantha

Welcome you curious soul. Please use the button below to send voice commands to Samantha.


Try asking, open my family calendar



Suggestions to ask Samantha


A day with Samantha

Here are few commands for you to try to see how a day with samantha might look like

" Is my home secure? “

“ Are all the doors locked ? "

“ Whats the air quality in living room ? “

“ Turn on/off the lights in the living room “

“ Set the living room lights to minimum brightness “

“ Add tomatoes to the shopping list "

“ Add eggs to the shopping list “

“ How well did Emily sleep yesterday? "

“ Where is Ethan now? “

“ Remove tomatoes from the shopping list “

“ Create a packing list “

“ Add shoes to the packing list “

“ Add umbrella to the packing list “

“ Share the packing list to the family “


Frequently asked questions

1 . What is the purpose of this interactive demo ?

For you to interact with Samantha and find out how Samantha can be your family''s personal assistant.

2. Where are these devices located ?

These devices are running in our test lab located on the bank of river Thames in London. If you want us to connect a camera so you can see the waters of Thames, do let us know.

3. Are you voice commands with Samantha retained for record ?

No, we dont save any recordings. Once the recordings are played back on the server, they are deleted from our systems. Please do note, your voice commands will be audible on the live stream as they are played out.